Meet Valerie Gamboa

 Dona ana County Care Coordinator
Care coordinators are your first point of contact to welcome you to our system of services.
They are your initial guide and friendly support.

My name is Valerie Gamboa, I am the Care Coordinator for all of Dona Ana County. I was born and raised in Dona Ana County and have proudly served my community for nearly 16 years working with a variety of different populations and age groups. I began my long journey in the helping field as a caregiver for adults with disability until I was blessed with first and only born son. I then went to work with the Infant and Toddler program in the childcare center in which my son attended as I started perusing my degree and attending New Mexico State University in the Social Work program. I followed my interests over the years to work with a local homeless shelter that served teens, I worked with adolescent teens in both the Girls and Boys Steppingstones program and after promotion, I went on to work with the JARC program and helped connect teens to resources for rehabilitation after receiving criminal citations. During this time, I received my Bachelor’s in Social Work.

I have been with MECA Therapies for two rewarding years. I am proud to be part of team that works in unity and works passionately to serve their families with compassion, care, and empathy. I remember my experience as a young mother with a son who was receiving Early Intervention over 15 years ago, it was pleasant, and I had a wonderful Family Therapist that always made me feel that the services my son was receiving were in his best interest and would be highly beneficial for him.

Since then, this is my goal every day and with every family that I serve. It is my desire to help meet the needs of both the child and the family because happy and healthy parents, raise happy and healthy children. I look forward to meeting you, sharing your experience, and putting together a team suited perfectly for your family’s needs.