Executive Team:

Jeff Flores

Managing Member, Chief Executive Officer

Email: jeff@mecatherapies.com

Roberta Martinez-Flores

Managing Member, Chief Compliance Officer
Email: roberta@mecatherapies.com

Matt Gallegos

Chief Operations Officer

Email: matt@mecatherapies.com

DeRick Franco

Chief Financial Officer

Email: derick@mecatherapies.com

Alisia Johnson

Quality Assurance Director, Clovis
Email: alisia@mecatherapies.com

VP Strategy and Development Team:

Libbie Plant

Chief Strategy Officer

Email: libbie@mecatherapies.com 

Christian Flores

VP of Strategy and Revenue

Email: christian@mecatherapies.com

Early Childhood Intervention

Josiah Fielder

VP of Strategy and Development

Email: christian@mecatherapies.com


Early Childhood Services

Rosa Aranda

Human Resources Director
Email: rosa.aranda@mecatherapies.com


Camille Hines Plante 

Director of Recruitment


Cassandra Varela

Regional Director, Las Cruces

Email: cassandra@mecatherapies.com

Elizabeth Sanchez,

Regional Director, Roswell
Email: elizabeth@mecatherapies.com


Dallas Plant

Early Childhood Director, Hobbs

Email: dallas@mecatherapies.com

Early Childhood Intervention

Edna De La Rosa

Regional Director, Clovis

Email: edna@mecatherapies.com