MECA Therapies provides a harmonious blend of both a rewarding career and a stimulating lifestyle. Want the best of both worlds? Fill out the contact form below.

    Your MECA Therapies career

    Not your average position

    After over 20 years of improving the lives of local families in need, we are proud to be one of the largest pediatric rehabilitation providers in New Mexico. Offering a full-time case load, competitive benefits, vast earning potential, and a truly fulfilling purpose, MECA Therapies sets the standard for SLP positions. 

    Your New Mexico life

    More than meets the eye

    MECA Therapies is headquartered in Las Cruces, New Mexico, opening up your life to a new world full of rich culture, nature, and adventure. From trendy nightclubs to scenic mountain trails, New Mexico’s vibrant experiences allow you to begin your new life without fear, worry, or hesitation of what’s to come. 


    Considering making the move?

    Connect with our team to learn about our available moving stipends, signing bonuses, and endless rewards that await you at your new home as a MECA Therapies SLP in New Mexico. 

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