Meet lulu Hita

 curry, quay, and roosevelt county Care Coordinator
Care coordinators are your first point of contact to welcome you to our system of services.
They are your initial guide and friendly support.

My name is Lulu, I’m the Care Coordinator for Curry, Roosevelt, and Quay Counties. I have lived in Clovis since I was two years old, and I have 4 amazing children. After my first born, I fell in love with Early Childhood education and began going to school fo it. While working for Clovis Municipal Schools I received my degree in Early Childhood Education. 

When my third child was two, her pediatrician referred us to MECA Therapies because I had some concerns regarding her speech. She was evaluated by the team and referred out to an ENT and Audiologist where we then found out she would need tubes and was diagnosed with fluctuating hearing loss. With support from her MECA team she was able to make tremendous gains with her speech, that I will forever be grateful for.  

Aftra that experience I knew where my heart belonged and began my journey working for MECA Therapies in 2018. I am passionate about the services we provide and firmly believe children will benefit from Early Intervention. 

Give Our office a call if you would like to get services started for your little one.