Early Childhood Services

MECA Therapies provides early Childhood services for infants and young children up to 3 years of age who have developmental delays or who are at risk for developing delays. Our program is family-centered, meaning we work with parents and caregivers to help your child do everything he or she should be doing at his or her age.

Our professionals at MECA Therapies’ Early Childhood Services offer knowledge and support to families who have children with or at risk for developmental delays. Qualifying criteria includes:

  • A developmental delay, which is a day of at least 25% in any one of the developmental areas
  • A biological/medical risk, such as prematurity, seizures, or chronic ear infection
  • An environmental risk, including factors such as abuse or domestic violence
  • An established condition, such as Down Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy

Where Do Services Take Place?

We go wherever you and your child are. The majority of Early Childhood services Las Cruces NM are provided right in your home or in a community setting that your child is in. We will make our visits at grandma’s house, daycare, and even at the park.

When Should I Seek Out Services?

Don’t wait! If you suspect your child is not doing everything he or she should be doing for his or her age, call us right away. Early intervention is simply providing your child with the specialized help he or she needs at the earliest possible time. Studies show that the younger your child is when they receive help, the more effective intervention will be.

How Can Services Help My Child?

We can help by evaluating your child and let you know how he/she is developing. When a young child experiences challenges in meeting developmental milestones, it is important that families have the knowledge and support to encourage his or her development, assist with problem-solving issues around every day routines and activities, and recognize and use their own strengths to reach their goals for their child and family.

Why Choose MECA Therapies?

We love helping children. Seeing them reach their potential is our main objective. The goal of our program is to help families and caregivers receive the guidance and support they need to help enhance their child’s development.
MECA’s Early Childhood Program is a state and federally funded program, which means it’s FREE to you and your child!